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With the Combat Simulator you can simulate Space Battles outside the game.

>>note from Darkness: Thanks to Blotunga the new Combat Simulator (CS) will be integrated ingame. At the moment you can use the new CS only with the windows version by creating a shortcut of the bote.exe, open the properties of it and adding under the tab -shortcut- in the line -target- behind the '\bote.exe' this '--editor' (don’t forget to save the changes) If you open the new shortcut now instead of the normal game menu you will see the editor menu, that includes the Simulator. (click on -ships- and then you get the option -Simulator- in the down right corner)

Thread in forum: http://birth-of-the-empires.de/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=4089#p4089

Here another one Download : simply unzip and click on CombatSimulator.exe

>>note from Darkness: Link is for old version. The new version is integrated in the normal game download.

With the §Repeat§-Value 0 in the ComvatScript.txt the space battle will be done in grafic mode:

>>note from Darkness: This explanation is for old version. In the new one you have only grafic mode. (listed fight statistic for 1000+ fights at once will maybe added)

With a §Repeat§-Value >0 multiple Space Battles will be calculated and the results will be listed in the Stats.log Datei.

>>note from Darkness: This explanation is for old version. See my last comment.

The result of the last fight is saved in the Combat.log.

>>note from Darkness: Should be the same for new version. The file lies in the main bote folder.


In the CombatScript.txt is set which Ships and Empires participate in the battle.

>>note from Darkness: In new version you select this in the Simulator.






















The value below §Repeat§ defines how often the simulation should be repeated. At 0 the simulation is done with grafics.

With a value >0 the results will be saved in the Stats.log.

>>note from Darkness: Old version. For the new CS you can define the number of repeats in the simulator.ini with the value right from LOOP.


The value below §Slowing§ slows the grafic simulation.

>>note from Darkness: In the new CS you can change the speed inside the running simulation on top of the screen and change the default value in he simulation.ini with the value right from SPEED.


Here you choose the Empire with the number:

  • MAJOR1 = Terra
  • MAJOR2 = Hanuhr
  • MAJOR3 = Khayrin
  • MAJOR4 = Rotharianer
  • MAJOR5 = Cartarer
  • MAJOR6 = Omega

>>note from Darkness: Old version. Empires and Ships can be now selected ingame.


Here you choose the Ships for the Empire. Simply write the shipname from ther Shiplist.data or the ShipEditor inside – always one ship per line.

>>note from Darkness: Old version.

For more participating Empires with Ships repeat §Race§ and §Ships§.

>>note from Darkness: Old version


Red lines are Beams

Red points are Torpedos

First percentage = Shields

The first percentage show the condition of the shields.

Second percentage = Hull

The second percentage shows representive for the whole ship the condition of the hull. If the hull reach the value 0 the ship is destroyed.

Tick Information top right

In the top right the time unit of the fight ("Tick") is shown. (at least in CS (Alpha 6), not the same like the 3D CS)

>>note from Darkness: Old version.