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The Omega Alliance
Main species Vi
Secondary species Da'una
Secondary species Rok'Hanar
Home system Omega Alpha
Ship prefix OME
Ships Alliance starships
Troops Alliance troops
First contact message
Play "Greetings from the glorious Omega Alliance. We extend our hand in friendship to your people on behalf of the eternal Vi. Treat the Vi with the respect that they so rightly deserve, and we will remain friends."
The Omega-Alliance is a ruthless and tyrannical organisation originating from the Omega sub-quadrant. Their members are ruled by a quasi-deified race of symbiotes known as the Vi. The Vi believe in their self-appointed rank as galactic emperors destined to bring order and harmony to a chaotic universe. Following this track, the Vi genetically engineered races to perform particular roles within their sphere of power. One successful example are the mighty Rok'Hanar, perfect soldiers controlled and fuelled by psychotropic drugs provided only by the Da'una, the "face and voice" of the Vi, that act as their diplomats and grant the Rok'Hanar access to Tetroin-4c supplies in exchange for their loyalty. The Alliance as a body are experts in subterfuges and the subtle exploitation of less powerful races. Their influential power has allowed the Omegans to achieve astonishing result in many fields, including construction, mining, and energy production. So-called "host-adaptive" capacities of the Vi are also very useful in gathering intelligence and performing acts of sabotage, while the formidable Rok'Hanar ships carry their will to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Special buildings

Tetroin-4c Distribution Center
Tetroin-4c is required for the survival and loyalty of all Rok'Hanar. The Tetroin-4c Distribution Center allows for a constant supply of Tetroin, which maintains the Rok'Hanars' constitution so that they can keep up our defenses.
Production Construction costs Prerequisites

1 morale
100 % ground defence bonus

1500 industry
250 titanium
50 deuterium

25 energy
max 1 per system
tech level 3 3 3 3 3 3

Internment Camp
Enemies of the Omega Alliance must be detained and punished to keep them from inflicting damage to our society. If someone resists the will of the Vi, he can be shown no mercy. The Internment Camp is the place for these individuals to redeem their blasphemy by providing workforce and training for the Rok'Hanar.
Production Construction costs Prerequisites

-1 morale
30 % industry bonus
25 troop training

3000 industry
2000 titanium
1000 deuterium
2000 duranium

50 energy
max 1 per system
tech level 4 4 4 4 4 4

Combat Training Center
Rok'Hanar soldiers and Da'Una officers must refine their skills in order to excel in combat. The CTC offers them such an oppurtunity in realistic combat situations where only those who excel at the program are allowed to serve the Omega Alliance and serve aboard its ships.
Production Construction costs Prerequisites

1 morale
50 ship training

6800 industry
3000 titanium
1500 deuterium
2000 duranium

150 energy
our colony
max 1 per empire
tech level 4 4 4 4 4 4

The Omega Agenda
The Omega Agenda Hall is the place where all Vi congregate, share and exchange thoughts and concerns. The Vi's unique ability to change hosts offers the Omega Alliance increased intelligence strength, which in turn reassures the continued existence of the overall Omega Agenda, the domination of all living cultures in the universe.
Production Construction costs Prerequisites

1 empire-wide morale
10 % bio-tech bonus
10 % energy-tech bonus
10 % computer-tech bonus
10 % construction-tech bonus
10 % propulsion-tech bonus
10 % weapon-tech bonus
40 % internal security bonus
40 % economic espionage bonus
40 % economic sabotage bonus
40 % research espionage bonus
40 % research sabotage bonus
40 % military espionage bonus
40 % military sabotage bonus

8160 industry
2000 titanium
1000 deuterium
2000 duranium

150 energy
max 1 per empire
tech level 4 4 4 4 4 4

Tetroin-4c Automatic Facilities
These widespread automatic facilities produce a fairly large amount of Tetroin-4c with little effort. The flavor is sometimes criticized due to better processing and taste stability in usual tetroin refineries, but its cheapness and the use of otherwise largely unemployed Da'unas more than justifies its use.
Production Construction costs Prerequisites

50 food

500 industry
300 titanium
250 deuterium

10 energy
max 1 per system
tech level 2 2 0 0 0 0

Da'Una Science Division
The Da'Una Science Division is an assembly of Da'Una that have been specifically bread to aid the Vi in their scientific research. When new ideas and avenues of thought are generated by the Omega Agenda, the Da'Una are there to carry out the necessary experiments and report back the results.
Production Construction costs Prerequisites

500 research
1 morale

5560 industry
1000 crystals

150 energy
our colony
max 1 per empire
tech level 5 6 5 6 5 5

Omega Homeyard
The Omegan Homeyard complex is a massive facility in orbit of the Omegan homeworld that is geared towards the rapid and efficient construction of Omega Alliance ships. Here all the seperate ship modules are assembled with master precision and tested before released to active duty. New advances in ship design are also tested here.
Production Construction costs Prerequisites

1 morale
max. ship size huge
350 % shipyard efficiency

18500 industry
18000 titanium
4000 deuterium
3000 duranium
1500 crystals
5000 iridium

250 energy
max 1 per empire
min 54 inhabitants
tech level 0 0 0 11 0 0

Home system

Omega Alpha 7 Omega Alpha 6 Omega Alpha 5 Omega Alpha 4 Omega Alpha 3 Omega Alpha 2 Omega Alpha 1
7 bn 15 bn 0 bn 0 bn 15 bn 18 bn 0 bn max pop. 55 bn
1 bn 2 bn 0 bn 0 bn 4 bn 6 bn 0 bn start pop. 13 bn


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