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Blockade von Systemen

Every ship with the Blockade-Ability rises the Blockade-Value randomly by 1 to 20. That means with approx. 10 ships you should reach mostly a Blockade-Value of 100%.

The Blockade is calculated every round. That means an ongoing Blockade only works if you don't give new orders to your ships. (their order must be always the Shipcommand Blockade.

Die Blockade-Eigenschaft haben (bisher nur Schiffstypen 7 bis 10 = Kreuzer, Schwerer Zerstörer, Schwerer Kreuzer, Kampfschiff): The Blockade-Ability have (at the mment only Shiptype 7 to 10 = Cruiser, Heavy Destroyer, Heavy Cruiser, Battleship):

  • Terran: Agamemnon, Firefly, Ignition, Panslaight, Patton
  • Heyoun: Wokatorn
  • Khaoron: Damnation, Diablo, Dungeon
  • Rotharian: none (Blockade doesn't fit the philosophy of the cloacked, sneaky attacks)
  • Cartare: Fjodor, Leonid, Semjon
  • Omega: Da'unor Cruiser, Omega


  • Heraklets: Herok
  • Vawdor: Vawri
  • Vikarmo: Vik
  • Vulmar: D'kar, K'tyr, P'tec
  • Zhordanians: Exocren

Blocking a system of an Empire through hostile Ships leads to some negative consequences:

  • all in- and outgoing Trade- and Ressourceroutes will be closed/freezed (Quelle: SystemMenuView.cpp)
  • Distributors in the affected system don't work anymore (Quelle: SystemMenuView.cpp)
  • all production except Food and Energy have reduced efficiency depending on the Block-Value

Is the procentual Block-Value higher than or equal 100% no Shipyards will work and the affected productions are 0.