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 Minor Races 
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I have come to hate the minor races with a passion.

with in my starting red area, is there a system with more then 25 billion population? AND uninhabited? Heck no.
are they friendly? survey says, unless your the Fed, 30% or less to be neutral or better.

How did i get 30% chance to be neutral or better? My friend didn't believe me, so i started game after game after game after game, where i explored the red range around my home system 3x times for each race, it was about for every 1 co-op or better there was 3 unfriendly or worse. Only the Federation had a 60% chance of them being friendly. we took notes. Only the federation seemed to have minor races like them in there starting area.

I do like that they slowly improve there system, and terraform the planets over time. But there improving of there system seems to slow / stop dead when they start trading with you, which is odd...

It also takes sooooo much freaken time to get them to come around to willing join your empire, once you spend a ton of $$ / resources on getting them to come around to liking you.

and with the joys of attacking a system, when thinking about a miltary option, it might take longer to build all the ground troops required to actually take a system, sense at least for me, they don't like systems with a total pop lower then 35ish billion. The hostile race sitting in the 80 billion system in the yellow range, is just the game taunting you.

One last thing, there shouldn't be a minor race in either of the two planets Next to your home system. those should be empty! *shakes fist in anger*

Expanding on a point above, How much the minor races like major races.

the minor races should be split evenly among these 8 groups
Group 1: Peace loven hippies, they are co-operative or better with ALL major races (edo)
Group 2: Haters, they should be unfreindly or worse with all major races (sheilk)
group 3-8: Unfreindly to co-operative with 4 of the majors, and have a higher default liking of 1 major race, and 1 major race getting a lower.

Pulling from the list of group 3-8 minor races, there should be the same number of minors that hate each major race, and the same number that dislike them.

and of the minors from group 3-8, have 25%-30% of the minor races that would be neutral to federation, be 1-2 steps more friendly then the other three, but not as friendly as the one they liked the most.

But Sel most of the minor races loved the human faction.
*sigh* when you watch the TV show that show that focuses on the one major race, and they are portrayed as the good guys and the paragons of virtue that everyone should strive to be, of course most the minor they encounter will get along fine with them. If you have 6 races with 6 different mind sets and government on the galactic stage, law of averages comes out, that minor players will split rather evenly for which major factions way of running things works best with the way they want to do things.

29 Aug 2013, 05:53
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with trade routes set towards a minor, you can improve relationship over time so mostly it doesn't take a buck for me to get the minors into the empire. just watch the barometer over time, you'll see the changes oncy you have a trade route with them.

31 Aug 2013, 14:57
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In one game as the humans I had fun with eight hostile minor races around my home system. :wtf:
Therefore be happy that your starting positions weren’t that bad. :wink:

I don't know the exact numbers for the minor race relations, but it should roughly be balanced between the major races.
I add it to my task list.

I never heard of minor races stopping their system improvement after the start of trading. I will keep an eye on it.

Maybe a lower minor race density is a acceptable workaround for you.
You can change it in the game settings previous to the start of a new game.

31 Aug 2013, 17:16
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Well, in addition to previous posts:

each major has 2 system beneath his home world. If there are minor races or not depends essentially on Minor density set in GameSettings. Having a minor there might be an advantage or a disadvantage.

Attitude between major races and minor races: depends also on race's kind of both races ... enschaften. Some majors (e.g. humans) have a bonus to attitude and diplomacy, but this won’t help anything if minor doesn’t want. You’ll find a way to make treaties (e.g. by gifts as last chance) with many minors but not with all – for these conquering will be the only way -> that’s quite lifelike.

Yes, getting them willing to join takes mostly much time, and conquering while playing humans…that’s a big and intented disadvantage that human race has.

However, I suggest to you to play BotE some more times and I think you’ll see that race relation are not so bad as you might think atm

maybe this helps: ... Diplomatie

or this: ... 9Cbersicht

01 Sep 2013, 13:40
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