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Birth of the Empires (also known as BotE) is a turn-based 4X strategy game set in space in the style of classics such as Microprose's Master of Orion 2 or ST: Birth of the Federation. By choosing one of six major races goal is to gain control and supremacy over a part of the galaxy, either by diplomatic or military means. Further victory conditions are available at game start. Due to AI, adjustable difficulty level and a large galaxy map within up to 140 minor races long-term pleasure is sure - on your own or with friends. BotE is available in English or German, further languages or many other options are moddable.

BotE is available in two versions:

  • C++ product (>> BotE Alpha 7) runs at 32- or 64bit Windows and even at Linux (using Wine) and provides single- or multiplayer mode (LAN, internet) -> most to this version is notified here, in German and partly in English
  • Java product (>> BotE Android 0.6.73) runs at Android, but also at Windows or Linux. -> most of this Wiki belongs to the Java product

This hobby fan project started in January 2004 and is continually developed by the BotE-Team and the fans.

Humans   Heyoun   Khaoron  
Coalition of Planets   Heyoun Trade Union   Khaoron Empire  
Rotharians   Cartare   Omega
Rotharian Star Network   Cartare Union   Omega Alliance

Differences between BotE Alpha and BotE Android

see >> here

Introduction into BotE

How to play



This wiki started at 3 September 2013 and did a restart at January 30, 2016

Latest News:

2017:please use this download link:

2015/2016 BotE Android: meanwhile there is in addition to BotE Alpha 7 (PC) a further developed version called BotE Android 0.6.73 and out of this Android version there is also a Windows version

22 February 2013: BotE Alpha 7 is available download