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During the course of the game, you will explore a galaxy map full of inhabited and uninhabited planetary systems and sectors, establish colonies, expand them, get in touch with foreign species, engage in diplomacy with them and, last but not least, launch warfare with either warlike intentions or when you want to defend yourself against a strong enemy. For this, ships have to be built and their designs have to be upgraded to keep on par with the enemy. As well as building planetary defence systems, it's advisable to carefully examine the advantages and disadvantages of the individual ship classes such as destroyers, attack cruisers, research vessels, battle cruisers and cloaked ships of Rotharian Star Network and devise a good strategy. Only a balanced strategy and construction will ultimately allow survival though and even with all the joy of ship combat you should not forget that the real battles that are carried out are fought in the field of diplomacy and secret services. Only those, who are able to permanently control the minor races, who inhabit the galaxy, and openly or secretly carry out their intentions and objectives with success, will have a chance to fight for the supremacy in the galaxy!

Among the pages in this category, everything is covered from the ships in global through moving ships to ship orders (work in progress).


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