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See also: Template:Image-png

The template image is used for easier image placement.


This template has three unnamed parameters and two named parameters separated by a "|" (vertical bar).

Unnamed parameters

First parameter

The first parameter is for the image path.


result both in:

Second parameter

With the second parameter a wiki link can be added to the image.


Third parameter

With the third parameter a external link can be added to the image. The second parameter must stay empty.


Named parameters

The named parameters can be combined with each other and the unnamed parameters. It is unimportant at which position a named parameter is placed.


The width of an image can be changed with "|width=".


With "%" the width parameter uses x% of the available space e.g.: the screen width.



The height parameter works the same way as the width parameter. With both combined an image can be stretched in every direction.